The Daily Veg - cafe reviews around Melbourne

Since 2007, we've evolved from vegetarian to vegan. We love our food & wine just like anybody else!! This blog aims to review tasty vegan options, creativity & quality that can be found at cafes in & around the Melbourne city & suburban region. We initially became vegetarian due to our adorable indoor bunnies. Veganism was just the next step!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Soul Mama

Place: Soul Mama

Where: Jack Boulevard, St Kilda

In a nutshell: Veggie restaurant - vegan friendly, great views

I really like Soul Mama! If you're looking for a relaxing lunch with fabulous views of the beach from the giant sized windows, then Soul Mama is the place to go.

We've been to Soul Mama quite a number of times and it's always a nice day out. The staff are really nice & friendly and the service is great.

The only disappointment unfortunately is the way they serve the food. I'm not a fan of "slop in a bowl" and the bainmarie and lining up for food doesn't appeal to me.

Last year Soul Mama briefly swapped over from the bainmarie to an ala carte menu & it was fabulous!!! The food was brilliant off the menu. Unfortunately, it was short lived & they went back to pre-made bainmarie.

Yesterday I chose to order a few entrees off the menu instead of the normal bowl. This was not a bad option but maybe there need to be a few more options on the menu.

Nimal had the usual bowl and he was a bit annoyed. At the bainmarie he was asked if he wanted a bowl or a plate (the plate has separate segments so the food doesn't all end up swirling together). He said plate & was given a bowl anyway.

Apart from the food factor (which is good though so don't get me wrong!) our table was great! We were right near the window on a really cold & wet day so it was great to watch the weather change & the sea turn nasty right in front of us whilst we enjoyed a lovely glass of wine, lunch & a delicious soy cappucino.


Place: Invita

Where: Therry Street, Melbourne

In a nutshell: Small cafe near Vic Market - vegetarian food & very vegan friendly

Unfortunately, we chose to visit on a Sunday market day. The cafe was busy, the weather was a bit cool as you sit outside in a tent-like arrangement and we were looking for something a bit more special for a birthday lunch. Nothing against Invita as they have some great cakes & yummies to eat for vegans so we enjoyed two very nice pieces of cake.

The lunch menu did look a bit pricey (around $12 for rice balls) but the location is fantastic & the food looked great for people who want to go to visit the market & have a nice vegan meal or snack afterwards.

Monday, March 02, 2009


Place: Shakahari

Where: Faraday Street, Carlton

In a nutshell: vegetarian restaurant with a very vegan friendly menu (all mains were vegan)

Cost: not cheap but great quality (entrees: around $12-$14 - mains: btw $18-$19)

We hadn't been to Shakahari for quite a few years so it was great to revisit. I have to say that the food was fabulous!! We really enjoyed our meals (entree: avocado rolls were great! mains: satay with seitan & tofu was so tasty & filling. Madam Fang croquettes were very tasty too)

There are vegan beers & a vegan sparkling wine & red wine. The cocktails are great - the strawberry daiquiri was yum!

Decor hasn't changed since we visited years ago but it's funky & colourful so always looks great & has a nice feel to the place. There is also a comfortable looking beer garden out the back too which would be great to visit on a warm night.

We totally recommend Shakahari. The food was great, the service was very friendly and it would be a great place for vegans to take family & friends for a special dinner as all the food is tasty, filling & impressive.